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Steen's Southern Made Blended Syrup is a smooth blend of our Pure Cane Syrup balanced with corn syrup, yielding a milder flavor perfect as a condiment. Choose your quantity from the drop down menu for 16 oz bottles of Steen's Southern Made Blended Syrup. Scroll over photos for expanded view. For cases of 12/16 oz, call our office at (800) 725-1654.


Because the corn syrup we use is not the "bad" high fructose corn syrup, our Southern Made Blended Syrup is a healthy alternative to the many brands on the market which contain added sugars and additives. We strive to maintain the highest quality products because we believe our customers deserve not only the best, but also the healthiest!


When purchasing our syrup in a can, we suggest you move any unused syrup into an airtight jar or container for storage in your pantry.  Refrigeration is NOT required and our syrup has a 2 year shelf life from the production date, even after opening.

Steen's Southern Made Blended Syrup 16oz Bottle

SKU: X80A1
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