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Steen's Milk Punch

It's April and we're enjoying gorgeous weather here in South Louisiana. Perfect time to enjoy the outdoors.

South Louisiana is located on the Gulf of Mexico, the northernmost part of the Caribbean Sea. Our subtropical climate is never too cold, often gets uncomfortably warm, but most of the year is just right. Perfect climate for growing sugarcane.

Lots of that sugarcane is refined into white sugar. Some of it is made into cane syrup, like the rich, caramel cane syrup we're known for. And some sugarcane becomes rum!

Rum is the spirit of choice for our Steen's Milk Punch this spring. It's sweet, it's tropical and it definitely evokes the feel of the Caribbean Sea.

During this stay-at-home time, enjoy simple pleasures. Fill your bird feeders, ride a bike, have dinner on the patio, and kick back on a porch swing with this three-ingredient Steen's Milk Punch.

Steen’s Milk Punch 4 oz milk 1 Tbsp Steen’s Cane Syrup 1.5 oz (or 1 jigger) rum In a shaker, combine milk, syrup and rum and a few ice cubes. Shake then strain into an old-fashioned glass half full of crushed ice. Garnish with ground cinnamon. Traditionally made from bourbon and garnished with nutmeg, but since summer’s coming, this one’s tropical. #steens #steenssyrup #steenscanesyrup #mixology #cocktail #southerncocktail #barchef #milkpunch #rumpunch #cocktailhour #whereigoiknowtheresrum


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