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  Steen's Cane Pepper Jelly

in Regular and Spicy

Louisiana's trusted brand of sugar cane food products since 1910


Pure Cane Syrup

Wrapped in its iconic yellow label, Steen's 100% Pure Cane Syrup has been Louisiana's trusted brand for well over 100 years. More than a  condiment, it's an essential ingredient in Cajun/Creole cuisine as well as a hearty marinade. Use it for glazing a ham, baking a pecan pie or whisking a zesty vinaigrette. Available here in a variety of sizes and gift sets.


Southern Made Blended Syrup

Our blended syrup, Southern Made, is the ideal tabletop syrup sure to please any palate. We blend our Pure Cane Syrup with a lighter corn syrup to produce this milder cane syrup blend. Perfect for biscuits, pancakes and loads of recipes.


Dark Molasses

Dark Molasses has been an essential Steen's product for well over a century. We start with Pure Cane Syrup and give it a second cooking until a deep, rich molasses is achieved. It's the hearty flavor in gingerbread, cookies, brown sugar and dark rum!


Cane Vinegar

Prized by chefs and home cooks alike! Its slightly sweet cane flavor makes Steen's Cane Vinegar an essential ingredient for vinaigrettes and gastriques. Use it to marinate and to pickle! You'll reach for it again and again. Available in a set of three or in our Steen's Collection  Gift Set.


Cane Pepper Jelly

Made with our Cane Syrup and Jalepeno Peppers with just the right blend for a lightly sweet and mildly spicy flavor. Steen's Cane Pepper Jelly is not like any other pepper jelly you have experienced. Spread it on your favorite snack, add a little cream cheese, or build a bolder flavor to any recipe.

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