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Did you know?

Although Cane Syrup is made from raw sugar cane juice, it also contains many valuable substances, such as ash, proteins, amino acids, and minerals like magnesia, iron and calcium.

Because of its large sugar and mineral content, Steen’s Cane Syrup is a good source of nourishing energy. Steen’s 100% Pure Cane Syrup is also rich in iron and minerals which makes it a nutritional accompaniment to the morning meal and because it is so nutritious, it is a perfect way to add both nutrition and sweetness to any meal.

Ideas for ways to use our products.

There are many ways our products can be used that you may not have thought of. Our syrup can be added to coffee or tea as a neat way to not only sweeten but also to add a unique flavor. You can drizzle our pure cane syrup over ice cream for a deep rich flavor that will surprise you. Add a tablespoon to your favorite soup for a delicious pop of flavor. In truth, adding or Cane Syrup to just about anything dish, brings a robust variance that will pleasantly surprise you.

Our Can Vinegar is also an amazing additive. Sprinkle it on your favorite meat or add a little to your gravies, or even build new delightfully bold recipes by adding a small amount. The taste is lightly tart and lightly sweet for that "just right" blend.

You can find more recipes for ways to use our products in our Steen's Recipe Book listed in the Shop section.

We hope you will give our products a try and if you discover something delightful, we hope you will share your ideas with us.

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