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With four (12) ounce cans of our Pure Cane Syrup, you’ll also get a lil “lagniappe” (something extra), a bottle of our versatile Cane Vinegar! We expect this set to be pretty popular! As with all our other sets, shipping is included.


When purchasing our syrup in a can, we suggest you move any unused syrup into an airtight jar or container for storage in your pantry.  Refrigeration is NOT required and our syrup has a 2 year shelf life from the production date, even after opening.


We believe that Steens Syrup is not only sticky, it's also fun! We love wearing the T-shirts and using the koozies because it brings us back to our younger days when Steens syrup was a special treat Mama poured over our biscuits, pancakes, or french toast. Heck, no matter what it is poured over, it is downright delicious! And we hope you too, will enjoy the same warm fuzzy feelings when you indulge in our sticky delights.

Gift Pack - Lagniappe Set

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