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New Product! Steen's Spicy Cane Pepper Jelly - not like any pepper jelly you've ever tasted - and now it's got even more kick!


Choose your quantity in the drop down menu for 10 ounce jars of Steen's Spicy Cane Pepper Jelly. Now when you're spreading it on crackers with a dab of cream cheese, slathering it on toast, or adding it to your favorite dishes you'll get a bit of boom-chicka-pow! We created just the right amount of sweet and a wild pop of spicy to get your tastebuds singing. Steen's Spicy Cane Pepper Jelly beats all the rest at pleasing AND teasing, the pallet!

Steen's Spicy Cane Pepper Jelly 10 oz. Jar - New Product!

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